lila. from brazil
she/her, nineteen yo
currently majoring in design
aries sun with libra rising
gemini moon, infp-t
português brasileiro/english

some facts
daydreams a lot
a really indecisive person
wants to talk to a lot of people but at the same time wants some time alone
trigger warnings!!!
insects, esp. spiders and butterflies, please avoid putting this on my tml.

the sea

dreams about
travel around the world
learn how to play some instruments (esp. drums)
learn all the languages that i want to learn

my sun
kim wonpil from day6
my moon
lee daehwi from wanna one/brand new boys

jeong sewoon soloist
park woojin from wanna one/brand new boys
kim seungmin from stray kids
lee minho from stray kids
jacob bae from the boyz

jeon wonwoo from seventeen
moon taeil from nct
kim donghan from jbj/soloist
choi yoojung from weki meki
kevin moon from the boyz
my galaxy...